Ci-Square products include a vast range of quality pre-packed  meat, cheeses and dips. Products are offered in single portions, ready sliced, cubed or grated for ultimate customer convenience. These packets are handy and ideal for a myriad of occasions. From the preparation of school lunches, snacks, traditional recipes or a classic and rich antipasto Ci-Square pre packs offer great taste, good value and freshness.

The Ci-Square ethos is found in every packet. A good quality product combined with excellent customer service. We invite you to try our products. Our grated cheese packet is an extremely popular item. Try it out and discover the great taste of freshly grated 100% cheese. An ideal compliment to your favorite dishes.

Our products are distributed all over the Maltese Islands and are found in leading retail outlets (grocery shops, supermarkets, confectioneries, butchers, green grocers).

For the quality pre pack - ask for Ci-Square by name.

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